AdexMat Hydroflex STD Acrylic Air and Moisture Barrier Membrane


Hydroflex STD membrane is an dual-function acrylic-based, fibre-reinforced air-and-moisture barrier membrane and adhesive. The membrane is fluid-applied over approved substrates to provide a vapour permeable, weather-resistant barrier (WRB) or trowel-applied as the second membrane coat to adhere ADEX EPS-GD insulation boards.

  • Trowel-applied
  • Mixed with Portland cement
  • Vapour Permeable (breathable)
  • Air and Moisture Barrier Component (primary function)
  • ADEX EPS-GD Insulation Board adhesive coat (secondary function)
  • Suitable above-grade substrates:
    • Exterior grade gypsum board,
    • Glass-mat faced gypsum board,
    • Concrete or masonry walls.
  • 27 KG Pail
  • Only available for local Edmonton and Calgary AB delivery, or in-store pick up. 
26 available

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