Can-Am Direct Roller Glide Corner Finisher

Can-Am Taping ToolsSKU: C200-RR

Featuring Gold Anodized Runners with inline Rollers, these premium Direct Corner Finishers are designed to apply mud, wipe, and feather both sides of an inside 90° corner in a single pass, with little need for cleanup or sanding. Precisely calibrated feathering tabs ensure a fast, uniform finish every time, while the hardened stainless steel wiping blades, and stainless runners keep them finishing over countless drywall angles. Their lightweight aluminum bodies connect effortlessly to most Compound Tubes, and Corner Boxes. The patented design of the Roller Runners reduce friction for a smoother glide along the angle; eliminating chatter, and rolling over wet flat tapes without catching. A great direct finishing flusher, creating a perfect finish for all of your drywall corners.

Technical Features

  • Allows mud application, embedding and flushing at once
  • Trowel, feathering and rolling action
  • Top quality stainless steel blade
  • Durable, efficient design
Size: 3"
1 available

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