Can-Am Extendable Roller Handle

Can-Am Taping ToolsSKU: D500-V1

Never use another handle.  CanAm’s extendable handles are built to last.  Their newest Easy Clean feature is unmatched in the industry, allowing you to disassemble, clean, and service your handle on an ongoing basis.  With replaceable parts available, there are very few reasons you’ll ever have to replace your handles.

And of course, their handles are proudly backed by CanAm’s Lifetime Performance Policy.

Here are some other features that set CanAm handles apart:

  • Effortless Twist-Lock – firmly lock and unlock with ease, at any length you want…all it takes is a slight twist of the wrist
  • Reduced Cleaning Frequency – CanAm’s unique inverted design, with the handle extending from the back, limits mud from dripping into your tube
  • Dent Resistant – you will immediately feel the difference with CanAm’s heavy gauge anodized aluminum tubing, ensuring the handle can “extend” freely for many years
  • Dual Comfort Grips – two rubber grips provide comfort and control all day long
  • Anodized Roller Insert – a perfect match for the CanAm Rollers

As always, DO NOT LUBRICATE your handles as this will drastically reduce the performance of the braking mechanism.

Size: 3'6" - 6'
3 available

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