Columbia Taping Tools Finishing Set

The Columbia Finishing Set is the Basic Set minus the Automatic Taper and Goose Neck. This is a great choice for those tapers that feel they don't need or want an Automatic Taper but would like to dip their toe in to the world of automatic drywall tools. If you'd like to finish your flats and corners with speed, this is the set for you!


  • Mud Pump (HMP)
  • Box Filler (BF)
  • 8" Corner Box (8CFB)
  • Corner Roller (COL-CR)
  • 3" Angle Head (3AH)
  • 10" Fat Boy Finishing Box (10FBB)
  • 12" Flat Finishing Box (12FFB)
  • 40" - 60" Matrix Extendible Box Handle (08MH) 
  • 5' Columbia One Handles (C1H)
  • 3' - 5' Columbia One Extendible Handle (C1HEXT)
  • Angle Head Adaptor (AHA)
  • No Case Included 
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