Columbia The Phantom Dustless Sander

"The Top Choice For Dustless Pole Sanding!" Columbia Phantom Dustless Vacuum Pole Sander is an extremely valuable tool for all commercial and remodeling work. Sand dust-free, with the same action as a standard pole sander. The Universal Joint allows for greatest range of motion, and least amount of "flipping". The universal Telescoping Pole is compact and light enough for tight spaces and can extend for sanding those tall hard to reach areas. The Phantom also features a 30' Flexible Hose for easier mobility.

When it comes to dust free drywall sanding, the Phantom is a no compromise solution.

Commercial Grade Dustless Sander
Hooks Up To Any Vacuum With A 1.5" Inlet
Handle extends 26" to 46"
Full Turn Radius On The Handle Adaptor
Head Made From Billet Aluminum & Stainless Steel
30' Flexible Hose included
Made In North America
1 available

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