Can-Am Compact Tool Kit with Hard Shell Case

The Can-Am Compact tool kit is perfect for finishing closest and confined spaces, with exclusive 2'6" to 4" extendable handles. This kit works where long taping tools don't fit and is able to get small jobs done quick. A great taping tool kit for general contractors. 

The Compact Tool Kit, includes 1 of each of the following tools:
  • A200 - 32" Applicator Tube (New Style)
  • B100-RR - 2.5" Roller Glide Corner Finisher
  • B200-RR - 3.0" Roller Glide Corner Finisher
  • D800 - 2’6″ – 4′ Extendable Corner Finisher Handle
  • D900 - 2’6″ – 4′ Extendable Corner Roller Handle
  • E100 - Inside Corner Applicator
  • G200 - Flat Applicator
  • J401 - Inside Corner Roller Light-Edition
  • P500 - Traveler Tool Case - Green (Please be advised that the color of this item may be green or black dependent on stock.)
3 available

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