Demand Groove Jet 400 Hot Knife with Hard Shell Case

Demand ProductsSKU: KITGJ400

The Demand Products "Groove Jet" is likely the most powerful groove cutting tool available anywhere on the market today. This product is ideal for architectural, decorative, pipe fitting, and many other construction needs.

This product's key feature is the upfront blade position,   allowing you to make complete cuts, all the way to inside corners, in one smooth pass. Weighing only four pounds, it is easy to use on large projects, and with the adjustable edge guide you will make consistent, accurate cuts all day long!

Benefits and features:
  • Handles up to 5" x 3" NWFW hot knife foam cutting blades
  • Hot knife blades heat up quickly
  • Cuts foam clean with one pass
  • Also available in 220 volts
  • Weight 5.5 lbs.
  • Includes a side guide
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