Miracle DSA 20 Drywall Construction Adhesive

MiracleSKU: 1028890

Miracle® DSA20 is a superior structural drywall adhesive for installing regular and vinyl-faced gypsum wallboard to wood and steel framing members. DSA20 increases structural strength, requires up to 66% fewer nails or screws, and eliminates unattractive nail pops.


  • Quick Tack
  • High Strength
  • Permanently Flexible
  • Exterior/ Interior Use
  • Eliminates unattractive Nail Pops
  • Freeze/ Thaw stable
  • Meets ASTM C557 Specification for Fastening Gypsum
  • Wallboard to Wood Framing


  • 28 oz. Cartridge


  • Tan
500 available

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