Grabber #7 x 9/16-in, Wafer Head, Vector™ Point, Streaker®, Wafer Screws

Grabber's new Vector screw significantly reduces drive time and increases productivity with its much sharper and steeper-angled point compared to traditional framing fasteners. In a drive comparison with standard framing fasteners, the VectorTM performed considerably better across the board in multiple drive test comparisons.

Designed specifically for metal framing, the Vector™ fastener drives through light-gauge metal with ease. Competitive tests compared the Vector™ screw against 9 other fasteners through two layers of 25-gauge metal—and the results were dramatic. The Vector™ screw performs eight times faster than IFI SAE J78 penetration standards—and 50% faster than the average time for other fasteners.

Gauge:                #7
Length:               9/16"
Head Type:          Wafer Head
Recess Type:       #2 Phillips
Thread Type:        Twin lead
Coating:              Gray phosphate
Point:                  Vector Point
Size: Box of 10000 pcs
38 available

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