Guardian 6' Self Retracting Lifeline

GuardianSKU: 32000

Guardian 32000 GR6 6 Foot Self Retracting Web Lifeline with steel snap hook, swivel top and carabiner. The new GR6 is extremely light weight, weighing just 1.7 lbs. The GR6 is the smallest and lightest retractable in its class. Its compact size allows you to connect it directly to your harness back D-ring or to an overhead anchor point. The high strength polycarbonate
ABS housing is reinforced with a steel load-bearing chassis. The constant tension of the webbing eliminates slack in the line reducing the potential of trip falls. The centrifugal brake locks up quickly within inches in event of a fall reducing free fall clearance. The sealed housing helps keep out dirt and other contaminants from damaging internal components. Class A rated self retracting lifeline for overhead use limits maximum arrest distance to 24 inches with average fall arrest forces of 1,350 lbs. The GR6 is ideal for use in overhead applications where there is limited free fall clearance. The 6 feet of webbing is made of high strength, cut and abrasion resistant HMPE material. The swivel top reduces twisting of the webbing and has a load indicator in event of a fall.

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