Hi-Craft® Texture Gun & Hopper

The Hi-Craft® texture gun and hopper is lightweight and easy to use. Made from molded high impact plastic. Sprays a variety of drywall textures including stucco and decking material.

Gun comes complete with 2 air nozzles, adjustable orifice plate for texture adjustment, locking trigger system for less fatigue, and a large 2 gallon hopper. The hopper features a built-in angle for maximum fill and operates on 6.25 C.F.M. free air at 25 P.S.I. Proudly made in the USA.

  • Gun has 2 air nozzles, adjustable orifice plate, and locking trigger system
  • Sprays drywall textures such as stucco and decking material
  • Large 2 gallon hopper for fewer refills
  • Operates on 6.25 CFM free air at 25 PSI.
  • Made in the USA
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