Johnson Self ­Leveling Rotary Laser Kit with GreenBrite® Technology

JohnsonSKU: 40-6543

Johnson's 40-6543 rotary laser system is the perfect tool for working in brightly lit conditions, where it can be difficult to see the laser beam. It features GreenBrite® technology with a green beam that is 400% brighter than red laser beams. The rotary also includes horizontal self-leveling as well as manual leveling in the vertical plane, while its split beam establishes a 90° angle. The rotary also comes equipped with two laser beam modes - dot and two adjustable line lengths - making it a versatile tool for any number of applications. Accuracy is never a problem thanks to the visual and audible alarms that alert you when the rotary is beyond its leveling range and the locking compensator that protects the inner pendulum during transport. With an included remote control, wall/ceiling mount, NiMH rechargeable battery pack, battery compartment, 6.4V battery charger, tinted glasses, magnetic target and hard-shell carrying case, this rotary laser system comes equipped with everything you need to get up and running!
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