Kapro 24" White Masonry Level

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Kapro 930 SmartCast is a professional heavy duty cast mason’s level with a modern tapered profile that includes 2 breakproof solid acrylic vials based on Kapro’s patented Optivision Red feature.
The Optivision
 Red technology creates a strong color definition around the spirit level's bubble, in stark contrast to the white vial background and clear liquid. The color contrast makes the bubble edges significantly easier to see, for fast and accurate placement between the vial's reading lines. The horizontal Optivision Red vial is tilted for an easier view and has gradient lines up to 2% marked inside the vial so they will never move or scratch.

The 930 has a finely milled base surface for increased precision and the vials are the only ones on the market that carry the prestigious VPA accuracy certification of 0.0005in/in (0.5mm/m) and are guaranteed for life.

The 930 has a reinforced profile with a bridge at the horizontal vial for superior strength,    and the level’s integrity is protected by tough and durable shock-absorbing end caps with rubber strike pads making it the perfect tool for laying tile. You can rely on the 930’s accuracy trowel blow after trowel blow.

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