Kraft 10" x 3" Large Heavy Duty Acid Brush

This versatile brush features long-wearing white tampico fibers perfect for applying coatings, rough scrubbing, and acid cleaning.

Tampico fibers are acid, alkali, and heat resistant for use with a variety of materials. The porous fibers holds a large amount of liquid making it great for coatings, sealing, and cleaning. The tampico bristles holds a large amount of liquid making it great for coatings and sealing. These fibers are great for applying materials to rough surfaces like roofing, asphalt, concrete, and masonry surfaces. The 2 In. trim is securely set in the block. The smooth wooden block is comfortable to grip when scrubbing. The 10 in. block is a convenient size that fits within a 5 Gallon bucket for efficient application. Useful for edging and applying sealants and coatings around roofs and driveways. For an extended reach use with tapered or broom thread handle, sold separately.

  • Great for rough scrubbing and acid cleaning

  • 2 In. long tampico fibers

  • Heat, alkali, and acid resistant bristles

  • Porous fibers hold water making for cleaning or applying materials

  • Fibers secured to 10 In. smooth wood block

  • Convenient size fits within 5-gallon buckets
5 available

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