Kraft 12" x 5" x 1" Green Sponge Float with Plastic Handle

Apply firm even pressure as you glide this foam float to create a coarse texture on any sand surface. Use on a plaster coat to level and perfect surface irregularities while creating a slight texture. The float can also be used to create a distinctive texture to the finish coat. The 1" special formula foam float pad is securely cemented to a flat aluminum backer for durability when pressure is applied. A 7-1/4" plastic float handle provides a comfortable grip to this 12" x 5" float. 

  • Applies a texture finish to plaster and concrete
  • Special formula 1" green foam pad
  • Creates a coarse finish on sand surface
  • Pad secured to strong aluminum backing
  • Balanced handle for ease in use
  • Made in the USA
Material: Coarse
52 available

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