Kraft Long Arm Acid Brush with Plastic Fibers

Kraft Long Arm Acid Brush is a versatile long handled brush features long-wearing plastic fibers that can be used on masonry, brick, tile, stone, and more.

A 5 In. x 3-1/2 In. brush face of plastic bristles are acid resistant for use with a variety of materials. The strong bristles are great for cleaning. These fibers are great for scrubbing rough surfaces like roofing, asphalt, concrete, and masonry surfaces. The 1-3/4 In. plastic trim is tightly packed to provide spring back for long use. The 19-3/4 In. long handle extends out from the head for additional leverage for scrubbing when applying materials or cleaning up tools and workspace. The long handle distances your hands from the material to keep them cleaner. The smooth, tumbled block wood handle is easy to grasp. The hang hole on the end is easy to hang up for drying and storage.

  • Great for strong scrubbing and cleaning
  • 1-3/4 in. long plastic fibers
  • Acid resistant bristles
  • More aggressive than most fabrics for cleaning
  • Tightly packed bristles hold shape
  • 19-3/4 In. long wood handle for extended reach
52 available

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