Kraft Super-Pro® Texture Unit Complete with Gun, Hopper, Hose, and Compressor

The Kraft Super-Pro Texture Gun & Hopper will spray a variety of texture coatings. Simply fill the hopper with material and squeeze the trigger. Air and material combine at the gun to produce the desired texture.

Two sizes of air tips, 1/8in and 3/32in , allow for a wider range of pressure settings. Hopper holds approximately 2.5 gallons. Hopper Angle: Exact built-in 40 degree angle on hopper; over twice the angle of most competitors, ideal for spraying ceilings. EZY pull trigger: Full grip for less fatigue. Made of heavy duty bronze alloy; twice as strong as aluminum. Convenient shut-off valve.

Each compressor unit is equipped with 1 hp capacitor start electric motor with manual re-set thermal overload protector. The rotary vane compressor delivers 6.2 cfm free air at 25 psi. The two wheel cart is 19in wide, 34in high and measures 15in from front to back. The 8 x 1.75 wheels and tire have a load rating of 100lbs. each.

2 available

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