Kraft Standard Texture Unit Complete with Gun, Hopper, Hose, and Compressor

Ideal for spraying a variety of materials on walls, ceilings, fire proofing, stucco, and more. The long-wearing cast aluminum gun features a finger grip control. The orifice plate rotates around to choose from 5 different sizes.

Two air tip nozzles are included depending upon the texture. Remove the nozzle and tip for quick clean-up. The unique orifice adjusting nut makes changing the orifice quick and easy. Includes a 3/32" and a 1/8" air tip for more versatility. The large capacity hopper holds 1-3/4 gallons of material. A metal handle on the top of the hopper makes it easy to control while spraying or carrying around a job site. Sprays a variety of textures and materials. Higher airflow from the compressor to the gun will create a finer texture, as the airflow decreases the result will be a coarser, more splattered effect. We recommend testing your pattern on scrap material to determine the ideal settings. Use with the included compressor that has 6.25 cfm at 20-25 psi for best results. Complete compressor unit includes a hose and is positioned on a wheeled cart to easily move around the jobsite. Operations Manual and Parts List included. Proudly made in the USA.

  • Texture guns made of cast aluminum for long wear
  • Use with included 6.25 cfm at 20-25 psi compressor for best results
  • Unit is equipped with 1 HP capacitor-start electric motor
  • Complete Unit with hose, compressor, motor, and cart
  • Operations and Parts List included
  • Made in the USA
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