Level5 Joint Compound Pump with Box Filler Valve

Level5SKU: LV4-771

Drywall finishers worldwide rely on LEVEL5’s Drywall Compound Pump to be the backbone of their automatic taping tool arsenal. Lab tested to more than 250,000 cycles without needing replacement parts or repair and anodized for extreme durability and easy cleaning, you can depend on our pump to keep your tools primed and ready to go, seven days a week.


  • Lab tested to more than 250,000 cycles without the need for replacement parts or repair.
  • Precision molded flapper valve and seal assembly minimizes pump priming.
  • Composite urethane cup seal provides longer wear life vs. traditional rubber seals.
  • Anodized, premium-grade aluminum components offer outstanding durability while prolonging the plunger life and reducing seal leakage.
  • An extra long LEVEL5 box filler valve is included with each pump (SKU #4-715)
  • Wrench included and mounted to the pump foot for convenience
  • Quick-release latches and pins for easy assembly/disassembly when cleaning
  • Backed by the industry's leading, no-hassle 7 year warranty
2 available

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