Marshalltown Drywall Trowel with Durasoft Handle

MarshalltownSKU: 12611

MARSHALLTOWN Drywall Trowels feature a blade with a slight concave bow that allows you to easily feather mud for perfectly smooth drywall joints and repair jobs. The flexible blade is tempered, ground, and polished for enhanced performance, and comes with your choice of high carbon steel or stainless steel. This Drywall Trowel also has a lightweight aluminum alloy mounting that is fastened to the blade with stainless steel rivets. Choose between a curved or straight handle, available in either our premium soft-grip DuraSoft® or traditional hardwood. Each handle option comes with a “Diamond Shank” design that prevents it from twisting during use. 

  • Concave blade ideal for feathering mud for smooth drywall joints and repairs
  • Pick between a high carbon steel or stainless steel blade
  • Choose your preferred handle material and shape
  • Handle features a “Diamond Shank” design that prevents it from twisting during use
Size: 11" x 4 1/2" High Carbon Steel - Curved Handle
11 available

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