NO-COAT Ultraflex 450

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CertainTeed NO-COAT® Flexible Corner provides a perfect corner by fitting every angle, every time. Applied with joint compound, it has a uniform, strong, structural bond due to its paper backing. Faced with a tight fibered, high quality paperboard and backed with a joint tape paper, it’s ideal for applying paint or texture.

Features and Benefits

NO-COAT’s high strength, laminated, tapered copolymer core offers strong and uniform surface bonding and prevents cracks and callbacks. Corners will not dent or separate from the wall and even withstand shifting due to settling, drying, and temperature and humidity variations. The memory-free hinge holds the desired angle and makes it easy to adjust. All the benefits of CertainTeed NO-COAT, along with its low total installed cost (TIC), make it the optimal product for every angle.

NO-COAT Flexible Corner 450 (4.5") gives extra stiffness making it easier to work with runs longer than 10' (3 m), such as vaulted and cathedral ceilings. The extra wide flange will cover large gaps and poorly framed corners. Its size also offers substantial impact resistance.

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