Owens Corning RainBarrier 80 CI High Compressive Exterior Insulation

Owens CorningSKU: RB806

Thermafiber® RainBarrier® ci High Compressive insulation uses ThermaCrimp™ technology to make the highest compressive strength mineral wool continuous insulation on the market. Designed to be used behind any cladding type - including combustible and open-joint assemblies.

  • Comes in 24" x 48" sheets 
  • Only available for local Edmonton and Calgary AB delivery, or in-store pick up. 


Meeting Demanding Standards and Changing Codes

Reduces Thermal Bridging and Increases Overall R-Value

Thermal bridging is a type of heat loss which occurs when heat flows through the building envelope via a continuous path, such as through wood or, more commonly, highly conductive steel framing members. Thermal bridging dramatically affects whole wall R-value. For instance, a steel stud wall assembly with batt insulation could lose up to 50% of its R-value through thermal bridging.

Reduces Moisture Concerns

Exterior insulation reduces the possibility of condensation by keeping interior surfaces warm.

Going Beyond Codes

Many owners, designers, and contractors feel that the insulation requirements set out in building codes are not robust enough to truly save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These owners, designers, and contractors look beyond code initiatives to USGBC’s LEED® rating system2, ASHRAE Standard 189.13, Architecture 20304, CAGBC’s Zero Carbon Building Program5, or Passive House6. Including increased insulation levels in the building envelope can help reach these advanced efficiency goals with a negative marginal cost, generating a positive economic return over the building’s lifecycle.

Size: 6": Sold by the piece/8SF
1 available

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