Protecto Wrap PW 100/40 Vapour Barrier

Protecto WrapSKU: 1-1299

PW 100/40 is a peel and stick membrane for use as an air or vapour barrier in everyday construction. PW 100/40 is compatible with and will adhere to steel, wood, concrete, building paper, block wall, drywall and insulation board.

Due to the great adhesive nature, there are many uses for the PW 100/40 membrane, including:

  • As a full building wrap in envelope applications in cavity wall construction
  • Sealing window and door perimeters to the building substrates
  • Sealing around skylights
  • Sealing joints in exterior drywall board
  • Sealing penetrations in roof and wall systems
Size: 4" x 75'
370 available

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