Rokamat Rucksack Vacuum Cleaner (EIFS and ETICS)

RokamatSKU: ROK-10000

The rucksack vacuum cleaner RVC-L offers maximum suction power thanks to its powerful motor. This prevents ETICS particles from entering the environment. Due to its capacity of 15 l, there is no need to pause every few moments as to empty the bags while processing large areas.

To protect the environment, emptiable and thus reusable fabric filter bags are also available (optional - not included in the scope of supply).

Particularly useful: The additional plug socket on the side of the vacuum cleaner, for example to connect a grinding machine (Recommendation: Combine the ETICS rucksack vacuum cleaner RVC-L with the universal machine Chameleon to surface grind ETICS boards).


  • Suction of ETICS dusts
  • Dust-free working on scaffolding


  • Light weight
  • Freedom of movement
  • Large filter bags, capacity 15 l
  • Built-in additional plug socket
1 available

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