Can-Am Semi-Automatic Professional Tool Kit with Hard Shell Case

Can-Am Taping ToolsSKU: P701-V2

Capture enormous time savings with CanAm’s signature quality and consistency. This highly popular kit is a great solution for beginner and expert tapers alike.  For hand tapers, these tools are very intuitive, and once mastered, you’ll finish with speed and precision.  For automatic tapers, this kit nicely complements your current work flow, offering a quick-start to the job with much less cleaning and maintenance required, and at a much lower investment!

And of course, like all CanAm products, this kit is proudly backed by their Lifetime Performance Policy.

CanAm has been proudly crafting tools in Canada since 1973 and they haven’t stopped innovating since.  The newest innovations in this kit include:

  • Easy Fill Compound Tube (42”) – wide opening nozzle allows for high flow rate in and out, easing the strain on your shoulder
  • Heavy Duty Roller – now with 40% less friction than the original design, you can count on crisp, sharp angles, every time
  • Roller Glide Finishers (2.5” & 3”) – patented design makes finishing effortless, eliminating “chatter” and allowing the finisher to glide over wet tape on the flats.
  • Easy Clean Extendable Handles (3’6” – 6’) – unmatched in the industry, the removable bushing allows you to disassemble, clean, and service your twist-lock handle

PLUS, this kit also includes time-tested tools such as:

  • Flat Applicator
  • 2-Wheel Inside Corner Applicator
  • Outside Corner Applicator
  • Bead Roller

Lastly, the tools come securely loaded in their Rugged Tool Case, featuring an impact-resistant polymer shell and all-purpose foam padding.

List of SKUs (10 items + case)

  • A300 – 42” Compound Tube
  • B100-RR – 2.5” Roller Glide Corner Finisher
  • B200-RR – 3” Roller Glide Corner Finisher
  • D400-V1 – 3’6” – 6’ Extendable Flusher Handle
  • D500-V1 – 3’6” – 6’ Extendable Roller Handle
  • E100 – 2-Wheel Inside Corner Applicator
  • F100 – Outside Corner Applicator
  • G200 – Flat Applicator
  • J200-V1 – Heavy Duty Inside Corner Roller
  • K100-V1 – Bead Roller
  • P700 – Rugged Tool Case

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